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About Crelow

Crelow was founded on the belief that every business, large or small, should have the great office space it needs and deserves. Everything about Crelow – from the services we offer to the features of our website – is designed with one goal in mind:

Put tenants in control and help them find the perfect fit in their next office.

At last, a true marketplace for office space.
We are a small group of passionate people who know commercial real estate. Our CEO owns and leases commercial properties himself. We know websites. Our core team has developed sites for Fortune 500 companies, B2B market leaders, marketplaces and tech startups. And we know each other. The founding group behind Crelow has worked together for more than 20 years.

Most importantly, like you, we know what it means to run and grow a business. We know the urgency of tight deadlines. The long hours. The necessity of hiring great people. The benefits of finding the right office space. (Yes, we used Crelow to find our space!)

We envision commercial real estate the way it should be, not the way it’s always been. That’s why we’ve created Bid Requester™, Rep Matcher™, Crebates™ and the Crelow Deal Board™ to help you find your perfect office space. Because your business is the most important business on the planet. You deserve the perfect fit in your next office. And your people deserve a really great space.

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