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Crelow & Crebates™

Revolutionary new ideas for tenants and CRE pros.
Welcome to Crelow, the office space deal maker. We bring tenants and reps together on one platform for the ultimate win/win experience. We'll help connect you with your ideal office space, whether you choose to deal direct with a landlord or engage a skilled tenant rep. We also help commercial real estate pros get more deals done, faster.


Bid Requester

Want to find office space yourself? Build a Bid Request in minutes, tell the market exactly what you're looking for and sit back as custom bids roll in. It doesn't cost a dime and you get to spec the space your people will love. Landlord reps can even sweeten the deal with Crebates, never-been-done-before cash incentives that reward you for taking the reigns and dealing with them direct — instead of through a tenant rep (see below for the full story). Go ahead. You can do this.

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Rep Matcher

Want the expertise of a rep? We'll match you with tenant reps who know your part of town, make the introductions and step aside — all for free. Rep Matcher is the fast, efficient way to meet a tenant rep you can trust to find you the perfect fit. Because maybe you don't want to do this alone. And that's OK, too.

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Crebate Tenant Cash Incentive

The second-biggest innovation ever in commercial real estate.

How would you like to receive a big, fat check from your new landlord after signing the lease? It can happen when you work through Crelow. Here's how:

When landlord reps respond to your Bid Request, they have the option of adding a Crebate tenant cash incentive to their bid. The Crebate is a percentage of the gross rent over the length of the lease — cash money — and it goes right back to you after you sign the lease. The landlord rep sets the Crebate percentage on the bid and they can set it higher or lower (at any rate, really) if they choose. It's extra money you can use for whatever you want, right when you need it most.

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Is this legit?

Absolutely. Landlords already budget a percentage of your gross rent to be paid as commissions to their representative and your tenant representative, if you use one. The Crebate money you receive is a portion of the tenant rep's commission you're saving the landlord by working direct.

A reward for direct deals only

Remember, because the Crebate takes the place of the tenant rep's commission, you're only eligible to receive a Crebate if you do a direct deal with the landlord and their representative. If you go with a tenant rep, they're going to collect a fee from the landlord.

Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Are you a CRE pro? You've come to the right place. There are three ways we can help you close more deals, faster. Because what's good for tenants is good for you, too:

Deal Board

Find tenants to fill your office space — proactively. Simply "stake your territories" on a map and tell us where you represent properties. We'll then notify you by email every time a tenant or tenant rep looks for space in those areas. Their Bid Request will tell you everything you need to know. If it's a tenant coming to you directly, you can put your best bid forward with a Crebate tenant cash incentive (see above for details). We even have a special list of deals under 1,000 square feet – we call them GO DEALS – to help you fill the gaps in your buildings and improve deal flow.

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Rep Matcher

Get matched with tenants in need of representation — automatically. Just draw your territory on a map, describe your professional experience and your profile will be shared with tenants who need a rep in your area. It's free to use and you can work with any tenants you choose, any way you choose.

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Bid Requester

Find office space for your clients – the Crelow way. Submit a detailed Pro Bid Request or BLAST! a requirement to the entire market in seconds. Either way, the bids come to you and it doesn’t cost a thing.

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