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Lease office space that helps attract and retain great employees.

Deal direct to receive a Crebate . Or choose a rep who can guide you through the process.

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Your perfect office is out there. Let Crelow bring it to you — free.

We help you lease office space in four easy steps:


Just click a few boxes, slide a couple sliders and fill in a few numbers to identify your perfect office‘s “vibe”, amenities, estimated space/ideal layout and location.

There‘s no cost, commitment or risk for you and you can complete a Bid Request in as little as 10 minutes.


We alert the whole office space rental market, so every landlord rep looking to fill office space in your area can see your Bid Request on our Deal Board. We even spotlight “GO! DEALS” under 1,000 square feet to ensure they stand out.


Landlord reps with office space for lease in your area submit bids directly to you.

They can also compete to rent office space to you by offering a Crebate Tenant Cash Incentive. This is serious money paid following the lease signing, a win, win, win for everyone.


When you see a bid that fits we‘ll connect you with the landlord or rep so you can schedule a walk-through.

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The Crebate Tenant Cash Incentive.

A landlord can offer a Crebate as an incentive for you to rent from them.

This is all because you‘re dealing with the landlord directly. You‘re saving the landlord a healthy amount of money that would have been paid to your tenant rep and the Crebate allows you to share in those savings.

The amount you receive is a percentage of total gross rent that would have gone toward the tenant rep‘s commission. It‘s paid to you through Crelow‘s intermediary after your new lease is signed.

Another option: Use Crelow and a commercial real estate professional to find office space for lease. If you’d rather work with a tenant rep to lease office space, we can help.

If you‘d rather work with a tenant rep who knows office space, we can help.

Two ways to put Crelow to work when using a rep.


Find a rep using our Rep Matcher. We‘ll match you with an office space expert in your market and then step aside. Once matched, you can work together to lease office space any way you want — no strings attached.

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Supercharge your rep‘s efforts to help you find office space for rent. By including Crelow, you can open up office space rental opportunities even your rep may not know about. For instance, submitting a Bid Request to the Crelow Deal Board is the only way to tap “shadow space” — unlisted commercial real estate for lease — that a landlord might create for the right tenant or has coming available.

If you like the idea of creating your own detailed RFP for your rep to use, start a Bid Request and transfer it to them later. Or, let your rep build one from scratch and take over the whole process.

Let us help you lease office space directly and receive a Crebate.
Or, encourage your tenant rep to use Crelow. Or we can simply match you with a tenant rep who knows all about commercial real estate.

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You have a great new tool at your disposal. Use it to find a the ideal environment.

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Innovations that empower tenants — and tenant reps — to find the perfect fit.

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